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The Council of Europe and INGO’s.
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About us

The purpose of FESET is as follows:

  • to be involved in European and International organisations as a N.G.O,
  • to produce and sustain research and studies on the problems posed by the European
    Union understood merely as a free marketing of goods (social and economic impoverishment,
    exclusion and social injustice),
  • to collaborate with other associations with similar goals,
  • to support democratic and non violent pedagogical methods enabling the full development of
    the individual as well as the highest degree of autonomy and social integration,
  • to work in each European country for the enactment and development of social laws
    respecting the human rights of individuals with whom socialpedagogues work as well as the
    rights and duties of the socialpedagogues,
  • to work in each European country for the development and professional regulation of
    socio-educational care work,
  • to work for the development of the European dimension of socio-educational care work,
    including the de jure and de facto recognition of the profession itself,
  • to promote and develop exchanges among the members of FESET in order to arrive at
    academic recognition of qualifications obtained in the member-schools.


ENSACT 2016 Report

The 2016  report is built on European examples of projects on how social work can promote the ... more