Seminar 2018 - Closing words

Thank all participants for contributions, time and efforts.

Revisit and conclude our seminar – “Ethical Dilemmas in Socio-Educational Care Work”

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FESET next seminar will be held in Porto, Portugal in April 27 to 29th, 2020.

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Seminars / Congress


The 8th FESET seminar was held in Marseille (France) from 9th to 11th of May under the title “From student to professional: learning by acting and reflecting”.

The seminar was succesfull not only by the number of participants but also by the exceptional quality of the presentations.

During the seminar time was provided for meetings of existing thematic groups and many occasions to create networks between schools interested in students and teachers mobility or joint educational and research projects were given.

The last FESET seminar has been held in Turku, Finland – 8-10 May 2014, on the topic

New Frontiers for Social Education. In a complex world service users often require support from a range of social professionals. The processes of adopting a multidisciplinary outlook and learning to work with other social professionals, begins at college and continues in the workplace.

The next and 10th (!!) FESET seminar should be held in Strasbourg (France) on 2016. We will give news about that soon !



Since 2002, FESET alternates specific meetings (seminars) on socio-educational topics with larger congresses, organized every second year, in cooperation with other European associations of the social, educational and professional field.

On 2003, a first joint congress was organized in Copenhagen by FESET, EASSW and IFSW. It has been an innovative solution to bring together professionals and teachers who, according to different countries in Europe, can share more or less overlapping field of action.

The next congress, held as a specific socio-educational meeting, was the one organized by FESET in Alicante, Spain, on 5th – 7th March 2004. Congress-theme: ” Prevention of violence and socio-educational care work – Perspectives “.

The following congress has been held in cooperation between FESET, EASSW and IFSW in Parma, Italy, on 15-17 March 2007: more than 700 participants came from all over Europe to debate on “Social change and social professi

Another congress with many participants has been held in 2009 in Dubrovnik, on 26-29 of April, on the theme: “Social Action in Europe: different legacies, common challenges?”.

The congress under the official label of ENSACT was held on the 10-13 April 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, under the title of ” Social Action in Europe: Sustainable Social Development and Economic Challenges”

The last joint ENSACT congress has been held in Istanbul, Turkie on 16 – 19 April 2013.

This third ENSACT conference had its focus on “Social action in Europe: inclusive policies and practice.” It addressed the question of how to foster inclusiveness and solidarity with vulnerable groups in times of economic and political uncertainty.

ENSACT 2018 Submissions

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