Seminar 2018 - Closing words

Thank all participants for contributions, time and efforts.

Revisit and conclude our seminar – “Ethical Dilemmas in Socio-Educational Care Work”

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FESET next seminar will be held in Porto, Portugal in April 27 to 29th, 2020.

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Published Numbers

European Journal of Social Education 26/27-2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the journal. We have a bumper load of articles in this issue, most of which were submitted following FESET’s recent seminar in Turku, Finland, 2014. We put back the date for submitting articles to this edition. We also had major changes in our editorial and design teams. Consequently, this edition of the journal covers 2014 and 2015.

European Journal 22/23

Focus on research and theoretical perspectives/
Focus sur la recherche et les perspectives théorique

Dolores Angela Castelli Dransart & Barbara Weil
Construire ensemble les prémisses d’une stratégie nationale
suisse de prévention du suicide
Arvid Lone
Bringing about change a social pedagogic approach:
Milieu Pedagogy versus Milieu Therapy
Eeva Timonen-Kallio
Residential child care work – professional knowledge,
orientations and methods

Focus on teaching and training in social education/
Focus sur l’enseignement et la formation en éducation spécialisée
Ramona Bernard
Case Study and Professional Development in the Education of
students at the Child Welfare Program
Adrian Staempfli & Regula Kunz & Eva Tov
Creating a bridge between theory and practice:
working with key situations
Kristina Hellberg
Pupils with Asperger’s syndrome tell about their time
in school and their diagnosis

Focus on practice in social professions/
Focus sur la pratique dans les professions sociales
Inge Danielsen & Gaby Franger
Social Work Confronting New Right Wing Movements
Poloko Ntshwarang
Sexual abuse in school hostels for the san (Basarwa)
in Botswana: a gap in child protection
Book review/ Livres à vous
Saskia Pfleghard
Francis Loser: La médiation artistique en travail social.
Enjeux et pratiques en atelier d’expression et de création
Jochen Windheuser
Angelika Groterath: Soziale Arbeit in Internationalen

N°20/21 – 2011

A periodical of FESET, European Association of Training Centers for Socio-Educational Care Work, International Non Governmental organisation (INGo) enjoying participative status at the Council of Europe.

N°18/19 - 2010

Editorial by Eeva Timonen-Kallio & Margaret Gilmore

N°10/11 - 2006

Reidar S. Osterhaug & Jordi Sabater – Editorial

N°8/9 - 2005

Editorial by Paola Richard-De Paolis

Focus on training / Focus sur la formation

N°7 - 2004

Summary Editorial by Paola Richard-De PaolisPaola Richard-De Paolis, Claire RoelliEuropean Network for Quality Assurance in Study Programs in Social…

N°1 - 2001 20. January 2001

Summary Editorial by P. Richard-De Paolis S. Banks Ethical dilemmas for the social professions: work in progress with social education students in Europe K….

N°2 - 2002 20. January 2002

Summary Editorial by P. Richard-De Paolis Focus sur la formation / Focus on training La socialisation professionnelle de l’éducateur (Jean Brichaux)Le projet…

N°3 - 2002 20. July 2002

Summary Editorial by P. Richard-De Paolis What happens when social pedagogy becomes part of the academic higher social work education programme? Sven Hessle…

N°4 - 2003 20. January 2003

Summary Editorial by Kathleen KennedyPolitiques européennes concernant les droits de l’enfant placé : Message d’ouverture du séminaire. Jean-Marie HeydtLes…

N°5 - 2003 20. July 2003

Summary Editorial by Inge DanielsenFESET : European association of training centres for socio-educational care work. An historical summary by Greta BenckeFocus…


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