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N. 22/23_2012

We have pleasure in bringing you this latest volume 22/23 (2012) in the European
Journal of Social Education / Journal Européen d’Éducation Sociale. The Journal
is a refereed critical and informative journal concerned with theory, practice and
methods in social educational care work and social pedagogy.
This volume provides contemporary issues to reflect and disseminate ideas and
thoughts. We have a rich menu from seven countries in all – Denmark, Finland,
Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and finally an interesting glance into social
educational challenges in Botswana.

Among the other topics, we have suicide prevention strategy, sexual health education
perspectives, professional development, experience of those with Asperger’s
at school, residential child care, theory and practice in social education, Milieu
pedagogy versus Milieu therapy, social work and right wing organisations. What a
varied and interesting list of content!

A variety of methodological approaches are represented and contributions include
both empirically based and theoretical articles. This Journal has a peer reviewing
system since 2010. We are very grateful to all reviewers whose expertise contributed
to the further development of the submitted articles.
All members receive access to the new online version of the journal in www.feset.
org. The journal is also accessible in many universities in addition to on-line journal
in EBSCO database. This has the potential to bring our Journal to a much wider

FESET is distinctive in its journal publication as it appears to be the only European
social education/social pedagogy organization that publishes a journal. In that
sense there is a direct connection between FESET and its members with a vehicle
for published research and theoretical dissemination and debate. We would like to
encourage all members to consider contributing to the Journal where your work
will have the chance to reach a wider audience and provoke further research and/
or action. Please see the guidelines for submission on our website,
We would like to extend thanks to all the members of the Editorial team and to the
Board of FESET, and to extend good wishes to all our members.

Eeva Timonen-Kallio                         Margaret Gilmore

Chief Editor                                          Co-editor

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