Séminaire 2018 - Mots de clôture

Merci à tous les participants pour leurs contributions, leur temps et leurs efforts !

Voici quelques phrases pour revisiter et conclure notre séminaire, « Dilemmes éthiques dans le travail de soin socio-éducatif »

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Séminaire 2020 à Porto

Prochain séminaire 2020 à Porto

Le prochain séminaire FESET se tiendra à Porto, Portugal du 27 au 29 Avril 2020.

Plus d’information bientôt ici.

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 FESET activities

The Association decided to organise seminars in the years between the congresses, with the aim of providing a forum for continued co-operation and exchanges on specific aspects of social pedagogy.

  • organize each year, alternatively, seminars and congresses, namely joint congresses with other European Organisations,
  • publish the review Journal Européen d’Education Sociale / European Journal of Social Education in French and in English,
  • sustain research networks’ publications of its schools members,
  • take part in the tasks of the Council of Europe: FESET is represented by Jean-Marie Heydt, Vice-Chair of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe,
  • coordinate its activities with the other European organizations for social professions (AIEJI, EASSW, FICE, IFSW, ICSW…) in the frame of the newly created European Network of Social Actors – ENSACT (www.ensact.eu),
  • enhance mobility projects and exchanges of students and teachers.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us :

id (at) ucc.dk, Inge Danielsen, FESET President

feset-adm (at) eesp.ch, Cristina Machado, FESET Administration


The seminars organised by FESET since 1998:

The first seminar took place on 16 and 17 October 1998 at Hotel VanBelle, Brussels, Belgium. The seminar 2000 was held from Thursday 2 November to Saturday 4 November at IRTS Parmentier, Paris, France. The theme was : « Ethics in socio-educational training and practice ». The seminar 2002 was held in Hotel Picadilly, Bellaria, Italy from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th November, with more than one hundred participants. Theme: « Training for Modern Residential Care in the Context of Children’s Rights ».

The seminar 2005 took place on October 13 to 15, 2005, in Barcelona, Spain. The title reads as follows: « Building on differences: Cooperation in social educational contexts ».

The 2006 seminar was held in Sligo, Ireland on October 11 to 14, 2006. The subject was « Equality, diversity and ethnicity – Building social citizenship in Europe ».

The 6th FESET seminar has been held in Amsterdam on 24-26 April 2008 under the title « Competencies of Social Educators and other Social professions ».

The 7th FESET seminar was held in Osnabrück (Germany) from 22nd to 24th April 2010 under the title « Social pedagogical approaches in social professions ».

The 8th FESET seminar was held in Marseille (France) from 9th to 11th of May under the title « From student to professional: learning by acting and reflecting ».

The seminar was succesfull not only by the number of participants but also by the exceptional quality of the presentations.

During the seminar time was provided for meetings of existing thematic groups and many occasions to create networks between schools interested in students and teachers mobility or joint educational and research projects were given.


Congresses organized by FESET

Since 2002, FESET alternates specific meetings (seminars) on socio-educational topics with larger congresses, organized every second year, in cooperation with other European associations of the social, educational and professional field.

On 2003, a first joint congress was organized in Copenhagen by FESET, EASSW and IFSW. It has been an innovative solution to bring together professionals and teachers who, according to different countries in Europe, can share more or less overlapping field of action.

The next congress held as a specific socio-educational meeting was the one organized by FESET in Alicante, Spain, on 5th – 7th March 2004. Congress-theme:  » Prevention of violence and socio-educational care work – Perspectives « .

The following congress has been held in cooperation between FESET, EASSW and IFSW in Parma, Italy, on 15-17 March 2007: more than 700 participants came from all over Europe to debate on « Social change and social professi

Another congress with many participants has been held in 2009 in Dubrovnik, on 26-29 of April, on the theme: « Social Action in Europe: different legacies, common challenges? ».



ENSACT Observatory 2018

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