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Call for abstracts 2018

At the end of the last FESET seminar “Invisible Person, making humans, communities and social professionals more visible” started a general debate conducting to this idea: Ethic has to be more in the center of our reflection and action in socio educational care work. 

- Partnership between educators and students is central, there should be effective dialogue about aims and values. It seems important to define our personal and professional values and to consolidate our professional statute.

- Two positions are in presence: “being normative” or/and “being ethical”. Our 2018 seminar concerns the following “being ethical, because there is no single truth”.

- Ethical challenges are contemporary challenges in a societal context where artificial intelligence connected with managerial practices become standards for automatic decision taking. Is there place for ethics in such processes?

FESET propose thus a Focus on Ethics for the next seminar in Aarhus.

Contributors are invited and encouraged to reflect on the diversity of social pedagogical approaches and on theoretical thinking to promote innovative socio-educational learning and care work practices concerning those “Ethical dilemmas in socio-educative work in a rapidly changing world”.

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