Seminar 2018 - Closing words

Thank all participants for contributions, time and efforts.

Revisit and conclude our seminar – “Ethical Dilemmas in Socio-Educational Care Work”

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FESET next seminar will be held in Porto, Portugal in April 27 to 29th, 2020.

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N°10/11 – 2006


Hugh Barr – Working with other professions

John Carpenter – Grounding inter-agency and interprofessional collaboration in evidence: a perspective from England

Hans van Ewijk – Changing diversity in Social work

Bhama Steiger
– La place de l’interculturel dans la formation des travailleurs sociaux

Perry Share – Professionalisation and Social care in Ireland

Karin Lauermann – Education in the filed of Social pedagogy in Austria: comparison with other european countries

Ramona Bernard – Co-operation between Social Welfare and Educational Institutions responsible for aiding, enabling and educating children

Robert Frund – Partenariat avec les familles: pour une action raisonnée. L’exemple des éducatrices de la petite enfance

Berit Skorpen – Power and co-opération in view of gender in Child-protection Services

Thoby Miller – Forming creative partnerships in education: Teachers and Social educators working together in schools

Maria Jesus Uriz & Alberto Ballestero – Ethical dilemmas of Social Workers in the Social Services: the case of Navarre (Spain)

Grethe Marit Delas
– Role-play as a tool in communication

Denise Petit-Klinkenberg
– Initations aux religions et autres courants de pensée dans la formation des éducateurs spécialisés: une expérience belge

Elsebeth Fog – The Social pedagogue as boundary-crossing broker in different learning cultures

Jan Van Der Born – Expert power versus responsive dialogue in the area of Social work

Jean Brichaux – Tuteur de résilience, agent de reliance

Gerard Gielen – Physical unattractive: the excessive importance attached to “good looks” in our contacts with other people

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