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European Journal of Social Education N°28/29

European Journal of Social Education N°28/29


Francois Gillet          5

Visibility and invisibility of emergency in social policy
Visibilité Et Invisibilité De L’urgence Dans Les Politiques Sociales
Valérie Wolff          10

When situated learning became invisible: Niamh’s Invisibility Narrative
Lillian Byrne-Lancaster          31

Constructing meaningful and visible social education contexts in portuguese reality:
a critical approach of professionalism and practices
Florbela Samagaio, Gabriela Trevisan, José Luis Gonçalves          45

Invisible reality: caring for older moroccan migrants with dementia in  belgium
Saloua Berdai Chaouni Liesbeth DE Donder          62

Commissioning of human and social services in Ireland: Potential, Opportunities And Challenges
Martin Power          83

Making formerly placed persons visible, teaching the history of placed persons in Denmark In The 20Th Century
Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg          92

Social education as a humanized response to new social configuration.
New fields of intervention for social educators
Fátima Correia, Sílvia Azevedo, Ana Camões          101

The experiences of newcomer populations in Ireland
Marie McGloin          108

Rendre visibles des gestes professionnels « anodins » :
à la recherche d’alternatives à la contention en milieu psychiatrique
Roland Pollefait          125

Praxis invisible? former des éducateurs spécialisés dans une société du management
Francois Coppens & Raphael van Neck          136

Indispensable yet invisible – migrant care work in Germany. a challenge for social work as a human rights` profession
Jasmin Kiekert, Patrycja Kniejska, Nausikaa Schirilla          144

Lélia Calais           153

ENSACT 2016 Report

The 2016  report is built on European examples of projects on how social work can promote the ... more