Seminar 2018 - Closing words

Thank all participants for contributions, time and efforts.

Revisit and conclude our seminar – “Ethical Dilemmas in Socio-Educational Care Work”

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FESET next seminar will be held in Porto, Portugal in April 27 to 29th, 2020.

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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Professor Sarah Banks, Durham University, UK

Sarah_BanksSarah Banks is Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences and Co-director of the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action at Durham University, UK. She teaches and researches in the fields of social, community and youth work. She has a particular interest in professional ethics and community-based participatory research. Recent books on social work ethics include: Ethics and Values in Social Work, 4th edn (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) and Practising Social Work Ethics Around the World: Cases and Commentaries (Routledge, 2012, edited with Kirsten Nøhr). Current research projects include Imagine – Connecting communities through research (looking at radical community development and civic participation) and a study of complaints about misconduct of social workers in England.

Conference title

“Being ethical in hard times: the social professions under austerity”

Associate professor - Head of program “Etics and Formation »
VIA Pedagogy and Education, VIA University College, Aarhus, DK

Jan-JaapJan Jaap Rothuizen, ph.d., Senior lecturer and Researcher at VIA UC and head of the research program “ethics and formation in professional practice”.  My field of interest is the social pedagogical tradition, or, as I prefer to say: the social pedagogical project we have inherited and should pursue so the project remains relevant.

Conference title
« Regaining status for  practitioners sense for good socio-educational care work. »

  • Why is it an urgent need?
  • Understanding moral goods brought into play in professional practice as knowledge in action
  • Why practitioners sense for good socio-educational work deserves status:
  • How can practitioners  cultivate their sense for good socio-educational work?
  • How can practitioners communicate their sense for good socio-educational work?

EMMANUEL RENARD – Specialized teacher and philosopher.
born in Liège (BE) 04.12.1955

As specialized educator, he works especially in the sector of the grown-up psychiatry: a few months ( 1977-1978 ) in psychiatric hospital, in Liège, and several years ( 1992-1996 ) in Protected Houses developed by a Mental health service, in Brussels.
As philosopher, he participates during 2 ½ the years ( 1989-1991 ) in a research on the evolution of the teaching of the mother tongue, in the Faculty of Notre-Dame de la Paix, in Namur.

Since end of 1994, teaching part-time then full-time in the center of training formation, in Liège (currently HELMo-CFEL).
For 11 years, director of HELMo-CFEL (2000-2003; 2007-2015).

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