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The 10th FESET Seminar that was held last April 2016 in Strasbourg, has had a central theme the invisibility of persons, of social educators, of social education… more

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Keynote Valérie Wolff

Keynote Valérie Wolff

Valérie Wolff has been a researcher at the ESTES since 2012, where she conducts studies, research and consulting in the social and health sector. She is responsible for the training that leads to the DEIS, backed by a Master in Social Economy at the University of Haute Alsace.

Associated lecturer in sociology at the University of Strasbourg, she is a member of European Dynamics Laboratory (UMR 7367, CNRS-Unistra).

She holds a Doctorate of Sociology and a Masters in Social Intervention, Conflict and Development.

She was a social worker in a support service to refugees in a hospital emergency department and then became project manager, attached to the head of a university hospital. She was responsible for coordinating networks and medical partnerships. Her themes of research and education concern the care and assistance for socially vulnerable people. She provides an analysis of intervention practices, in their legal and organizational dimension, highlighting the influence of temporality and social frameworks of urgency. Specifically, her work deals with the contemporary means of providing follow-up and support to insecure and precarious public and migrants and their impact on access to health care and access to rights of these populations.

ENSACT 2016 Report

The 2016  report is built on European examples of projects on how social work can promote the ... more