Venue FESET seminar 2018

The seminar will be hosted at VIA University College, Campus, C. Cedersbyen 284, Aarhus.
Registration desk will be open at 09:30.

The workshop programme will be online by April 30.
Have a look on the field visits that are organized for you.

Download the programme 2018.
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FESET Seminar 2018

Professor Sarah Banks, Durham University, UK
Associate professor
Educateur spécialisé et philosophe.



Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat of the pulse.

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ENSACT Observatory 2018 - submissions –  Promoting Sustainable Communities & Sustainable Development.

FESET is part of ENSACT (European Network for Social Action)

ENSACT stands for professional quality. It fosters social professionals, teachers, lecturers, trainers and social service providers in innovating and strengthening their practices, concepts and theories.

ENSACT gives a voice to social professionals, teachers, lecturers, trainers and services in Europe: directed at the Council of Europe, European Union and European Parliament. It is essential for the quality of social policy and the provision of social services that social professionals have a strong voice in their own countries, but also in Brussels and Strasbourg.

ENSACT promotes consistency and effectiveness of professional qualifications and quality of social services and policies across Europe, including work on the Bologna process and the EU processes for mutual recognition of qualifications.

ENSACT is a European network of professional associations, faculties of social work and social education and national councils of social welfare.

ENSACT integrates the efforts of partners in a synergistic way, aiming at optimising the activities of every partner and reaching goals individually and jointly. We draw upon the richness of traditions embedded in social professional education and social professional practice throughout Europe.

ENSACT intends to develop more effective contact with service user organizations on a national and European level. ENSACT will integrate the interests of service users into their policies and recommendations.

ENSACT consists of six European Associations:

ENSACT 2018 Submissions

ENSACT Observatory 2018 – submissions –  Promoting Sustainable Communities & Sustainable Development.< ... more